Portraits from WPPI 2019: Or what happens when I just use blog posts as galleries?

In lieu of writing a long, meandering post about nothing in particular I want to make my blog posts more fun for everyone (mostly myself!).

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312 Day: A Chicago Celebration!

As anyone who lives in Chicago knows, the numbers “312” have quite the significance! No, not because it makes you laugh because you’re imagining someone totally flubbing a countdown! But because it’s an area code, a beer and a GOD DANG attitude!

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Devin's 40th Birthday Extravaganza!

Guys! I’m back! They say you’re supposed to blog at least once a week, but that sounds terrible and I’m pretty sure whoever came up with that was being accused of blogging too often by friends and family, and in response he was like “No, no no no. No! I read an article that says you’re supposed to blog this much…..!”

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