The *BIG* News! (New Site Name, New Print Shop!)

Hey folks! Joe here again with another fun update!

I’ve been inching closer and closer to turning this whole photography thing into a global media enterprise (aka a decent side hustle that is fun and inspiring).

In that process I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in this very crowded industry, and am constantly making changes to implement my findings.

That’s why, today, two fun things are happening!

  1. The new name for my website will be www.JoeUPhoto,com!

    But why? Well, apparently having the word of what your site is about in the name of the site is helpful. Also, a poll on instagram showed undeniable that was never a very good domain name.


2. New Print Shop!

The second fun thing is that I’ve officially added a print shop to my actual site! I had attempted this before, but it was far too clunky having separate websites.

That said, this still isn’t the sleekest way to do it, but I think it gets the job done for now!



The first 10 folks who order a print from the show will get 20% off using code THEBIGNEWS

I love deals.

It’s about to rain, and I have to go.