A Surprise Birthday Party and Basketball Game!

I decided to focus event & party photography for a few very specific reasons. Chief among them is that I enjoy being surrounded by positive energy, fun and frivolity. I also love getting to interact with folks on a celebratory day that is mostly free of the stress that comes along with certain other events (spoilers…I’m talking about weddings!)

You can imagine my delight when I received a request to photograph an event that was part birthday party and part basketball game!

E Cross 50th Birthday Celebration_04.jpg

For his 50th birthday, Emanuel’s family and friends decided to throw him a surprise Chicago Bulls-themed party. Well, more specifically a Michael Jordan themed party—get it together, present-day Bulls.

We’re talking Air Jordan memorabilia and custom-made crafts all throughout the space. Specially made Doritos bags, water bottles, jerseys and all sorts of fun treats!

Once the party portion of the evening was starting to wind down it was game-time. Let me tell ya, I was not expecting for this friendly game of basketball to be so INTENSE!

I want to say the score difference between the two teams was within 5 points the entire game.

E Cross 50th Birthday Celebration_249.jpg
E Cross 50th Birthday Celebration_236.jpg

It was such an exciting game that I stayed late to see how it ended!

While I may not have been tossing around a basketball, here are some of my favorite shots from the evening!