Chicago Non-Profit Event | Desire 2 Aspire Presents: Brunch & Bellini’s | Wicker Park Inn

When I was reached out to by Desire 2 Aspire, a non-profit whose mission is to enrich the lives of underprivileged and minority girls and women, I knew that I wanted to be involved! I’ve built my portfolio mostly from photographing elaborate birthday parties and large-scale branded events, so when it came to shooting for a non-profit I was a little stumped on how to price my services.

In a completely separate train of thought I had also been looking for ways to give back using my skills and resources as a photographer. It didn’t take long to dawn on me that this was the perfect opportunity!

I had a wonderful time spending the afternoon with the organization and everyone who came out to enjoy the fun. I hope to find more opportunities to work with non-profits in the future. Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from the event!

Joe UnderbakkeComment