Big Time Party! Chicago vs Chicago at Punch Bowl Social, shot for Do312

I had a wonderful time shooting “Chicago vs Chicago” for Do312 at Punch Bowl Social Chicago this week!

I can’t describe the event any better than the official description, so here is that: “Do312 and Chicago Sport & Social Club present Chicago Vs Chicago: The Ultimate Game Night featuring card games from Cards Against Humanity.”

If you guys have never been there I highly recommend it because 1. It’s enormous 2. there’s lots of fun there 3. It’s so enormous and 4. It looked like they had really good food/nachos! I wasn’t able to try the nachos because I was shooting, but I have an eye for these things.

Over the past few years of shooting events I’ve found that I’m very rarely in the Goldilocks zone. What that means to me in terms of photography is that everything is working just right in my favor.

Things like:

  • The event itself is entertaining

  • It’s well attended

  • Folks are loving having their picture taken!

  • The venue is visually interesting

  • The lighting is good

  • The lighting is bad, but it’s bad in a consistent way

  • There’s enough room to move and/or breathe.

  • Many other things that are escaping me at the moment.

This event was no exception. This place was BIG. Like, a labyrinth style DZ discovery zone for adults. That was great because it meant each room had it’s own unique flavor, but it also meant that each room had it’s own unique lighting and environment.

Shooting in manual meant that any time I switched rooms I had to re-configure my white balance, flash power, camera settings etc. To the point where there were some rooms I truly couldn’t figure out how to properly expose!

Even with everything I’ve shot up until this point I still occasionally find a situation that will stump me. But, that’s learning and growing for ya!

For anyone that reads this, is also a photographer and has also been to Punch Bowl Social (I keep typing out ‘Punch Drunk Social’) please tell me what your settings would have been in the darts area!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite moments of the night!

Feel free to reach out with any event photography related inquiries.