312 Day: A Chicago Celebration!

As anyone who lives in Chicago knows, the numbers “312” have quite the significance! No, not because it makes you laugh because you’re imagining someone totally flubbing a countdown! But because it’s an area code, a beer and a GOD DANG attitude!

That’s why it was such a joy to shoot a couple of events for “312 Day,” the fake Chicago holiday celebrating all things Chicago. These particular events were sponsored by Goose Island beer and hosted by my friends at Do312!

One of the events I photographed was “Screamo 2” at Berlin Nightclub

This marked my second time shooting at Berlin. You’d be hard-pressed to call me a “nightclub enthusiast,” which is why the first time was one of the most challenging, crowded and, in the end, victorious shoots I’ve ever done!

The second time around was more chill, had more room to move and, in the end, I think allowed me to grab better photos!

All that said, I’m still not a “nightclub person” but I AM a “mightclub” person. As in, hey, you’re going to the club? I might be there….like, if I have to photograph an event on the same night.

Joe UnderbakkeComment