Thoughts for Valentine's Day, 2004

An annual tradition of mine used to be watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind every single Valentine’s Day. I’ve since fallen off that wagon, mostly because—man, it’s a downer! (But still one of my favorite movies of all time).

In the movie Jim Carrey’s character starts a journal entry via voiceover with the sentence from the title above. I figured since I haven’t shot much lately because of working on my RAW Artist’s showcase and being busy in general, I would provide some “Thoughts for Valentine’s Day, 2019.” Oh christ, that movie is 15 years old.


My thoughts will be related to photography since that's what this website is all about, but they’ll be random all the same!

I’m currently re-igniting my journey to learn more and more about studio lighting. I’m fairly obsessed with it, and have even downloaded a program that lets you simulate studio lighting in an infinite number of ways. It’s super nerdy, and super addicting, and it seems like a much better way of learning than watching 14 minute youtube videos with 30 seconds of actual education and 13.5 minutes of Squarespace ads. (ILY Squarespace, happy Valentine’s Day buddy).


MFW I Realize

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind is 15 years old.

I’ve definitely had some success * (*luck) with shooting in a studio environment, but I see people’s work on Instagram and in magazines and I’m like dang….that’s so good. How can I also be so good? It’s certainly a learning process and something I haven’t dedicated a ton of time to understanding.

I have a three pronged plan in place to get better in 2019. That plan includes:

Prong 1: Reading a book called Picture Perfect Lighting

Prong 2: Attending the Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International Conference (WPPI) in Las Vegas

Prong 3: Practicing the hell out of it

I even have a Pinterest board filled with images that I think are “lit as hell” (their words, not mine). I’m going through them one by one trying to understand how they were lit, reverse engineering from shadows and patterns. It’s…..tedious! But interesting.

2019 Portrait Lighting Inspiration!

It’s all very time-consuming, and if you know me at all you’ll know that I consider time to be very precious and try to spend it as wisely as possible—-so this $hi+ is important to me.. To illustrate that point, I bought Zelda Breath of the Wild for my Switch last weekend and haven’t even PLAYED IT YET!




ANYWAY! This is too much! To close it down, here is a gallery of some of my favorite studio lighting portraits that I’ve taken so far!

And remember, sand is overrated. It’s just a bunch of tiny little rocks.