Devin's 40th Birthday Extravaganza!

Guys! I’m back! They say you’re supposed to blog at least once a week, but that sounds terrible and I’m pretty sure whoever came up with that was being accused of blogging too often by friends and family, and in response he was like “No, no no no. No! I read an article that says you’re supposed to blog this much…..!”

And so the legend grew.

Anyway, once a month is going to have to be enough for now because that’s all I have time for and I didn’t make a New Years resolution that said I would set aside more time for it.

That said, I’ve shot lots of fun things in the past few months that I haven’t posted anything about! That isn’t sustainable!

Today I’m going to share some photos from one of the most enjoyable events I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph! I was contacted by a woman named Devin who informed me that she was having a 40th birthday celebration and wanted it documented. I was like, yo, sign me up for that for sure.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy shooting parties of all shapes and sizes. They’re low stress, high fun, and the photos usually tell a great story of the evening.

The awesome part about Devin was that she’s an accomplished artist and she knew exactly what she wanted from an event photographer, and my portfolio apparently fit the bill!

I also got to shoot video for the first time on my new Sony A7 III. Which I need to do more of. Who needs a video?

Here are some photos!