Portland, the Fun One.

Sorry to throw shade on Maine right in the title. I’ve actually never been to Portland, Maine and I’m sure it’s lovely.

But I didn’t go there.

But I did go to Portland, Oregon with two pals and a brand new Sony a7 III. It was an exciting outing, and the night before I left was the first time I hadn’t been able to sleep out of pure excitement in many many years.

I’ve said something to this effect before, but one of my favorite things in life is to go to new places with a camera and friends. It’s funny, because I’ve recently realized that that’s one of the main goals for most people’s lives.

We work so we can get money so we can pay with money to visit other places than our hometown all around this funny little world that we all live on. It’s a hilariously basic desire and thinking about it in those terms makes me laugh a lot.

Anyway, here are some street images that I took.