A 30th Birthday Extravaganza!

I try to make it no secret that I love doing photography for events. Insomuch as I even have it as a category on my website and am aspiring to do it on a frequent basis!

The reason that I’m so fascinated with it is because I’m a very curious person by nature, and have a pretty serious case of constant F.O.M.O (fear of missing out, for the uninitiated). Event photography is this fun, strange way to accomplish several things at once:

  1. Go somewhere/experience something I wouldn’t otherwise know about/be invited to.

  2. Use my camera and capture fun little moments.

  3. Make some of that sweet sweet cash money?

These reasons and more are why I get excited anytime someone contacts me to shoot an event. This post is about one such event, a 30th birthday party extravaganza in the West Loop.

Below is a gallery of images from this disco-themed occasion in the upstairs area at Fulton Market Kitchen in Chicago, IL.

Fun fact: this was my first ever quote that I’d ever sent on Thumbtack, and I booked it on the first try! So, that was fun!

Anyway, here are some images!