New Anything? New Everything!

Model  Tierney Tarlton  from my most recent portrait shoot

Model Tierney Tarlton from my most recent portrait shoot

Hello and welcome to Joe Underbakke Photography, the new and improved website for the entity formerly known as "Everything's a Production."  

First of all: why the change?  

To answer that I have to explain a little bit about how "Everything's a Production" came to be.  Around 2014, soon after getting my first professional-ish camera, I was doing all sorts of little video projects for various friends and folks.  It got to the point where I was doing it so often, I felt like I needed to create some sort of name that I could use to make it feel like I was an actual production company.  I decided to use my long-standing motto (and potential autobiography title), "Everything's a Production."  

It seemed funny, it seemed self-aware.  And I think it was both of those things.

So what happened?  Well, over the past couple of years I have organically moved my focus (Pun INTENDED) away from video projects like I was doing and more toward pure, fresh-squeezed photography. 

As I slowly inched away from the "production" side of Everything's a Production, I started to feel like it wasn't a name that felt right or made sense for what I was doing anymore.

And so we arrive at Joe Underbakke Photography.

How did I come up with that title?  Well, I took my name and then added what I'm doing at the end of it.  I decided that I wanted a name that will get out of the way and allow whatever it is I'm working on to speak for itself. 

I know some people (like maybe 2 or 3 people) were fond of the Everything's a Production, but I think/hope this is the way to go.  

I also plan to update this site and blog more often because I saw a youtube video that said I should.  

Trying is hard, but people seem to speak highly of what it results in so I'm giving it a whirl.

Thanks for reading!




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