The Family Crest Live @ Schuba's!

I recently asked someone for advice about how to go about getting taken on as a freelance concert photographer for various publications.  The answer was, like most good answers, simple.  Essentially it was: "Go shoot some concerts and then show your photos to places."  I was like "...oh, nice.  Yeah.  That makes sense."  

Last week I decided to start the trek down this road and reached out to a band called The Family Crest, who was playing a show at a venue called Schuba's, to see if I could get permission to photograph them.  Within like...10 minutes they gave me the green light.  And, once again, I was like ", okay.  You just have to do things."  

So I went to the show (which was great), took a lot of pictures (which were pretty good?!), and am now posting this!  

This isn't really a blog post in the same spirt of blogs that feature things like:  "Here's what happened at the show in excruciating detail!  So many memories!  What a night to remember!"

But just a small anecdote and a reminder that...if you want to do something...just ask?  I guess?  And maybe it'll all be chill?  It'll probably all be chill. 

Anyway!  Here are some photos!

Okay.  Bye!