Photography is fun and neat! A retrospective.

Hello! I just added this blog page to my website and I'm not totally sure what to do with it.

That said, It's been about a year since I "launched" Everything's a Production, and I've recently been working hard on updating the site (possibly for the first time?).  I started this site as someone who primarily did video editing, and merely dabbled in photography.  Over the past year, however, I started going after the photography side of things way more than I ever expected to.  Why?  Well, as the title of this post state, photography is both fun and neat.  

I've still got a lot of video projects cooking in the...oven...and have every intention of updating that side of things over the course of the near future, but I just wanted to invite everyone (yes, EVERYONE) to take a gander at some of the new fun stuff I've added to the photography section!

Stay tuned for more great times as I try to figure out what the point of this all is!

See you next year!


Here's a picture of me on a boat with a camera

Here's a picture of me on a boat with a camera

Here's a picture of a photographer working with an actual client.  Seems like the way to do it.

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